Terms and conditions

Terms and conditions for useage of Enion web-based business game (further called Enion).
Enion is a game by Booming Labs, Almere, The Netherlands (further called Booming Labs).

1. General

Useage of Enion will be free of charge when using a maximum of 2 plots untill further notice.
Users of Enion are allowed multiple accounts untill further notice.
ETA times and quantity of production and/or transport and payment system amounts and values are subject to technical errors and alteration without notice.
Booming Labs is not responsible for user-made content on forums, messages, and other user-made content, however, Booming Labs will attempt to maintain reasonable etiquette.
Minors must always have permission from their parents or caretakers to register at Enion.
Booming Labs retains the right of removing users without any type of refund without having to explain their motives to the user in question.
The user agrees to receive email alerts for gameplay-critical purposes.

2. Payments

Enion cash can not be exchanged for money or refunded. Booming Labs retains the right to make changes in our virtual economy.
Payments done to Enion / Booming Labs concerning gametime and/or items are not refundable.

3. Up- and downtime

Booming Labs does not guarantee a certain percentage of uptime (time Enion is available to you) but we strive to achieve an uptime of 100%

4. Behaviour rules

Cursing or calling names is not allowed in chat, email, messages or by any other means of communication. This is a bannable offense.
Badmouthing other people or organisations, discrimination, or any other type of offensive language is not allowed in chat, email, or by any other means of communication. This is a bannable offense.
Disregarding other peoples values and beliefs or critisizing them is not allowed. All members should be respected in best way possible. This is a bannable offense.
Registration details must reflect the truth. Entering false names or details may result in removal of your account.
Placing sexual remarks on forums, sending them by mail or by any other means of communication is not allowed. Sexual herrassment will be reported at suitable law enforcement institutes. Trying to date on Enion or starting dating topics is not allowed as well.
When Booming Labs detects unacceptable behaviour from an adult towards a minor there will be legal consequenses. In order to prosecute offenders we keep track of all ip adresses used to acces our website(s).

5. Privacy

Booming Labs will never give away your personal information and/ or emailaddress to third parties.
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